2017 Baru Pencetakan Kanvas Tas Pelajar Tas ‘naughty Cat Kartun Backpack Kencang-Intl

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2017 Baru Pencetakan Kanvas Tas Pelajar Tas naughty Cat Kartun Backpack Kencang-Intl


Q: do you have any bags?
99% of the goods sold in the store are sold on the spot, and the shortage of the goods is too much. So we will give a special description on the merchandise page, inform the relatives that we need to wait for the time. We will actively contact the manufacturer to meet the needs of our customers as soon as possible.
The pictures of the goods in the store are photos of our photographer , and the color calibration should be carried out before editing and uploading , so as to ensure the consistency of the color of the object and the picture as much as possible , and we have reduced the chromatic aberration to the minimum .
– Q: what express?
The default choice of delivery courier companies. In his tact and Shen speed rhyme Huitong dragon FedEx, if you really need to specify other courier, please contact our customer service, help you modify the shipping information.
– Q: what time delivery / receipt of goods after the payment?

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